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Mission Ready Always.The United States Military has been called upon at very short notice through out history to defend our nation against those who have attempted to disturb our peaceful and democratic way of life. It has also been called upon by other nations to help defend them from evil and threatening neighbors as we have seen in Europe and the Middle East in this century and the last.Our defense forces are called upon because its probably one of the best trained armies in the world, with modern technology and the sheer will and determination to win and fight for each persons right to live free. I have been to Kuwait and Iraq and have seen these fine men and women of our great forces heading for action on the battle fields and it made me proud that I was there to support them.Armed Forces BranchesThe defense forces are mainly made up of the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force and the Coast Guard. We have also the Reserves and National Guard which are playing a huge role in “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom” and these two dedicated groups must never been forgotten.The Military Support Groups back home who work tirelessly and endlessly to bring a sense of homeliness to both the soldiers on deployment and the families left behind, these must be given credit for their commitment to helping others. In all departments of the military you can go and see a chaplain or a minister from the various religious sectors of society who will be at hand to give you guidance and words of comfort in time of despair. Let’s also try and remember the younger members of our society and think of how our actions today will impact on their futureDo something nice for these brave individuals, like buying them a nice deployment ring or a custom military ring to commemorate their year of service or retirement.Bespoke Military RingsBespoke Military Rings can be likened to a story book. The sides are aking to the pages and can be personalized with emblems to commemorate the units and branche you served with. There is a space above the emblems where dates of service can be engraved. Your name and rank can also be added to give additional personalization.At Military Online Shopping, soldiers can design custom made rings and enjoy free shipping for veterans

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